Urinal systems - Virtual Janitor

Virtual Janitor, white

Virtual Janitor, white

Product Code: ZS020

The Virtual Janitor attacks foul odours at source using antimicrobial agents to kill bacterial growth within urinal pipes, whilst also fragrancing washrooms. The combined fragrance and antimicrobial solution is dispensed using the flexible drip tube or directly into the down pipe using the in-line installation kit to constantly perfume the washroom.

- Easy to install
- Low cost to operate, refills last 30 or 60 days
- Saves daily cleaning and chemical costs
- Reduces call out charges
- Complete mounting kit
- Hidden on / off switch
- Lockable unit with generic key
- Requires 2 x C size alkaline batteries
- Available with in-line installation kit

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Virtual Janitor

Virtual JanitorEasy to install, the Virtual Janitor system attacks foul odours at source using antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria growth within urinal pipes. The built in metered fragrance is dispensed to ensure that washrooms are continually fragranced. The choice of chrome and white units fit perfectly with a 30 or 60 day service cycle.