Fragrance mapping

P+L Systems Washroom works closely with selected oil partners to develop beautiful fragrances using high quality oils.

Our comprehensive range has been developed to offer customers a fragrance solution for every application, from our premium luxurious Precious range, ideal for retail and hotels, to our popular Fruits + Flavours range, designed to offer a powerful fragrance punch to budget washrooms.

From fruity to herbal, floral to citrus, this easy to use guide helps you and your customer easily navigate and select from our ranges. Use our online fragrance selector to suggest suitable fragrances - select whether your fragrance should be feminine, masculine or neutral and then the application type and then review your matches.

Why not download our catalogue today or for further advice and support on fragrance selection, call +44 (0) 800 988 5359 or email

Fragrance development

Using customer feedback we consistently develop fragrances in-line with contemporary trends, to deliver a contemporary washroom fragrance range to our customers.

As part of our consistent program of fragrance development, P+L Systems Washroom offers a seasonal fragrance choice, available for a limited period only.

Designed to capture the changing seasons and offer distributors an evolving product range to offer their customers, the popular and evocative seasonal fragrances are developed using high quality fragrance oils.

The power of fragrances

Fragrance plays an integral part of our lives, surrounding us and influencing our moods, feelings and emotions in much the same way as colour. It has long been used to brighten our surroundings, filling a room with a scent that we enjoy and like, but the real power of fragrance is only recently being realised and put into practice in commercial organisations.

As one of our key senses, the fragrance of a room, shop or washroom heavily influences our experience of our surroundings. By selecting the right perfume, the scent can form an integral part of the customer experience and support a company’s image.

Sensory branding is a powerful tool and a carefully selected corporate fragrance can also be used to great effect, such as the use of essential oils within fragrances. Our range of fragrances combine a carefully selected mix of aromas which develop throughout the day, capturing the senses and offering both sophistication and intensity.

Importantly, fragrances can be used to create an association between a location and a particular feeling. Nowhere is this more important than areas where cleanliness and hygiene are valued - washrooms, hotel rooms and gym changing rooms to name but a few. By selecting a Lemon Fresh or Fresh Linen scent, customers can immediately perceive clean, well-cared for environments where they matter most.

Scents can also be used to create exclusive environments, particularly important for hotels, bars and restaurants. Our range of Precious fragrances are available in a range of scents to suit different areas within the building, from the lobby to the washroom, making customers feel special at every opportunity.

The possibilities for fragrance use are far reaching and powerful. Try a new fragrance today to see the influence it can have on your business!

For help selecting the perfect fragrance for your needs download our catalogue or visit our fragrance selector. Alternatively, call our expert fragrance team on +44(0)800 988 5359 or email  for more details.