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Virtual Janitor In-line kit
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Virtual Janitor In-line kit

Product Code: S058
Designed for use with the Virtual Janitor system, the in-line kit allows the antimicrobial, fragrancing fluid to be dispensed directly into the downpipe.

- Easy to install
- A neat and tidy addition to urinals
- Supplied with a range of size fittings
- Designed for use with ZS021 or ZS020

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Virtual Janitor, white Virtual Janitor, chrome

Virtual Janitor

Virtual JanitorEasy to install, the Virtual Janitor system attacks the odours at source using antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria growing within urinal pipes. The subtle combined fragrance is dispensed to ensure that washrooms are fresh and sanitised. The choice of chrome and white units fit perfectly with a 30 or 60 day service cycle. The system can be used within both toilets and urinals, and help to remove and improve washroom odours.