Aircare - Dispensers

A choice of high quality, stylish dispensers offer many features including standard timed options, full programmability and compact sizes along with a 5 year product guarantee, allowing you to offer a tailored fragrance solution to meet your customers’ needs.

LCD Dispensers

LCD DispensersAllowing flexible fragrancing, LCD dispensers give complete control, delivering a customised solution for all applications. Easy to programme, the LCD range allows fragrances to be dispensed on selected days of the week, and at selected time periods, matching your customers needs exactly and maximising the life of fragrances.

LED Dispensers

LED DispensersIdeal for high traffic areas, LED dispensers offer quick to install fragrance dispensing solutions with pre-programmed, easy to select settings of 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes. Available in chrome or white, the classic design is perfect for contemporary and classic washrooms alike.  

Micro Dispensers

Micro DispensersThe perfect solution for washrooms where space is an issue or where absolute discretion is required, the Micro dispenser offers a fully programmable fragrance dispensing solution, meeting the specific needs of each washroom.  

Dispenser Consumables