Aircare - Aircare Fragrances

P+L Systems Washroom have developed a beautifully designed range of fragrances to offer our customers a range of fragrancing solutions to suit all applications, from the distinctive premium oils used in the Precious and Concept ranges which create rich, evolving scents, to the evocative Classic and powerful Fruits + Flavours ranges.

To help you, and your customers choose the perfect fragrance, download our fragrance map or use our helpful fragrance selector.


PreciousThe Precious range of fragrances has been developed to offer a range of luxurious environment enhancers. Each fragrance is rich and distinct, and evolves throughout the day offering a carefully selected blend of aromas to capture the senses. Using a high percentage of essential oils, the Precious range is designed to offer both sophistication and intensity. Working closely with key fragrance partners, P+L Systems Washroom has used its extensive knowledge of fragrance development to provide this unique range of premium fragrances.


ConceptMade up of four luxurious fragrances, the Concept range offers beautifully layered, balanced fragrances, using high quality oils to create sumptuous scents for your washroom and front-of house areas which continue to develop throughout the day.


ClassicA comprehensive range of your favourite fragrances, offering an evocative fragrance for every application. From fruity scents to light florals to fresh baby powder, the Classic range offers a choice of fragrances to suit many areas, from the lobby to the washroom, making customers feel special at every opportunity.

Fragrance Starter Kit

Fragrance Starter KitThe Fragrance Starter Kit from P+L Systems Washroom is ideal for retail display or as a presentation box kit.

Choose an automatic LCD or programmable LED dispenser, available in white or chrome, then select four of your favourite fragrances from the P+L Systems Washroom range. The kit is supplied pre-packed and includes 2 x C size batteries.